Hair Stylist Trainer

Hair Stylist Trainer

📌Address: Dubai, UAE

A professional that instructs and educates aspiring hair stylists on the newest methods, trends, and industry best practices is known as a Hair Stylist Trainer. They may work for a salon or a beauty school, or they could be self-employed. They provide training programs that include classroom teaching and hands-on practice sessions. They provide pupils advice and comments to help them enhance their talents and gain confidence in their abilities. They may also hold conferences, seminars, and demos to teach current stylists about new methods and products.

They must keep current on the newest industry trends and procedures, and may visit trade exhibitions and other events to do so. To educate and inspire their pupils, they must have great communication and interpersonal skills, as well as creativity and artistic talent. They must also have the physical stamina and dexterity to conduct hair services for long periods of time, as well as the ability to operate well under pressure. They must also follow all industry norms and safety requirements.

Job Summary

The Hair Educator assures that all HAIR & MAKE UP services in Bedashing are of the highest standard.

Key Reasponsibilities

  • Choose, train, evaluate, and supervise the staff of hair stylists and make-up artists.
  • Provide technical and product knowledge training.
  • Ensure that the proper combination of services and products is used.
  • Find and test new items, tools, and equipment.
  • Take part in photoshoots and events.

Position Requirements

Tech School, 9 to 10 Years work experience


  • Holder of an internationally recognized degree and appropriate hair car certification.
  • Demonstrated hair care knowledge and expertise.


  • Minimum of ten years’ experience as a Senior Hair Stylist at a reputable hair salon or beauty lounge, with at least five years in the UAE.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in training delivery is required.

More Information/Benefits

  • Pay is determined on experience and expectations.
  • Yearly leave with a round-trip ticket.
  • All other perks are determined by UAE labor law.