Fire Truck Driver

Fire Truck Driver

📌Address: Dubai, UAE

A Driver will assure their clients’ safety and comfort by offering driving services. Drivers will plan their route before leaving the workplace. They’ll pick up anyone who asks it at an agreed-upon time and potentially assist them with luggage loading and unloading as needed on each journey. Meanwhile, they will pay close attention to traffic updates to ensure that their clients arrive on time.

Job Summary

Driving a fire truck with a firefighting team in reaction to a fire or an emergency, as well as operating a fire pump and other firefighting systems placed on fire trucks.

  • To activate and drive the fire tender and other special emergency appliances, as well as to run the fire pumps and fixed fire fighting systems in the event of a fire or non-fire emergency at a facility containing flammables and hazardous materials.
  • Participate in scheduled drills and tactical exercises based on site-specific PIPs, as well as joint emergency drills.
  • To perform daily checks on fire trucks as well as planned testing of fire pumps and other built-in firefighting systems.
  • To conduct planned topographical familiarization visits to facilities and nearby regions.
  • Superiors may give directions about the proper handling and maintenance of all firefighting equipment. Management is necessary from time to time.
  • React to serious situations as part of Emergency Management Procedures & Protocols after hours.

Educational Requirements:

  • Passed the Secondary School Certification Exam in your country of origin
    Six months of firefighter training at any government institution.
  • Driving large trucks requires a valid UAE driving license.
  • A minimum of five years experience as a regular firefighter in an operationally active fire department, particularly of a big petrochemical refinery complex, including two years as a heavy fire truck driver is required.